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No Place Like Home

Your home provides comfort and security. When you're recovering from illness, getting well in your own home surrounded by family and friends is often the best medicine.

Find the right solutions to your home health and medical needs with services from Florida Firstcare. Our caring professionals can give you or your loved one quality clinical care with all the comfort and convenience of home.

Each person we have the privilege to meet is different and so our approach is customized and tailored to meet your individual needs. This allows us to work together to create achievable goals based on your lifestyle and physicality. Under the guidance of your physician, our team of hand selected, expert staff help you to come to terms with the challenges of your issues, be they physical or emotional.

With offices in Mount Dora, Orange Park and Palatka we specialize in providing a unique approach to helping you manage your health goals.

Call us now on 866.325.8900  for more information about how we're dedicated to help you manage your health issues.

"I firmly beleive that my staff can provide the best individualized care for you and your family. When you choose Florida Firstcare as your home health agency, you can be assured that you will receive the personal attention you deserve by highly trained professional staff living in your community"

Bill Engelbrecht